Brand Ambassador Terms and Conditions

  • Promo codes are valid only for the first order made by each New Customer
  • 15% commission for the first order, is only valid for the first order for a first time customer
  • Brand Ambassadors will earn 10% commission on subsequent first time orders for New Customers
  • Commissions will not be rewarded for purchases from existing / current customers
  • All commissions will be calculated based on the entire cart order, before shipping and tax charges (if applicable)
  • Brand Ambassadors can earn up to a maximum of $50 per successful order
  • An accumulation of a minimum of $50 commission will be required before payout
  • Successful payouts will be in the form of Store Credit within 2 working days. If a cash payout is requested, please allow for up to 7 working days for processing
  • Commissions will expire 1 (one) year after acquisition
  • Brand Ambassadors cannot post their Promo codes on public places, except on their personal social media platforms and personal websites
  • Fraudulent activities on behalf of Brand Ambassadors will not be tolerated
  • My Closet Envy (MCE) will reserve the right to terminate a Brand Ambassador, or withhold payment, within reason
  • My Closet Envy (MCE) reserves the right to terminate commissions earned if any fraud or breach of the Terms and Conditions occur

By signing up as a MCE Brand Ambassador, you agree:

*to the use of your name and/or likeness, without compensation, for My Closet Envy (MCE)’s promotional and marketing purposes; and

*the use of your participating images/ submissions for My Closet Envy (MCE)’s promotional and marketing purposes