WAsh Your Hands Decal

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Project COVID-19 by MCE Apparel is a Public Service Announcement to WAsh Your Hands! The Coronavirus is no joke, but these decals, tees and hoodies are our way of putting a fun spin on something dishing out a bad hand. 

Decals come in 2 sizes:

  • 2" Tall by 5.25" Long* No longer for sale
  • 3" Tall by 7.5" Long* New Size Available
  • 3.5" Tall by 9.2" Long

These decals are weatherproofed for up to 5 years of exposure, and are made to be placed outside. 

Application Instructions: clean the area you want to apply to, remove the paper backing, adhere the decal to your chosen surface, and then remove the clear Application Masking, and enjoy!

Inspired by the Beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Get Out and Explore in your new PNW gear!