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We get asked this question often. Its the million dollar question that some think is our secret sauce. Is it what sets us apart from our competition? No way! What makes our process so special and unique in its nature is where they come from and how we decide to carry the brand. In many cases its like playing Hide and Go Seek. For many local fashion start-ups they don't have the reach to be seen by us first. But what they don't have in reach, they make up for in style and uniqueness. So ya, sometimes brands come to...

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I could tell you that shopping local means so much because it feels good, but in reality it means so much more then that. When we first opened the doors of My Closet Envy, we were a consignment store. Our goal was to carry designer items but at a much more affordable price for those unable to afford it brand new. As we progressed and learned more about the apparel industry we had a group of High Schoolers approach us and ask if we would carry their brand. That brand was Ebon Clothing. From that moment on, we knew that...

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