My Run in the Land Above...

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My Run in the Land Above...

Sporting my Red Nikes, UW BlackOut Strideline Socks, Jordan Shorts, and a Casual Industrees Tee, I took off for my run in the Land Above. For those of you that know me, they know that I'm an avid runner. All throughout middle school and high school I was involved in Track and Field. I was mostly a sprinter so retraining myself to run long distances has been interesting to say the least. 

After a day in the office, a good 3 mile run is just what I need to clear my head. My favorite place to run is Tehaleh. A hop, skip, and jump from where the store is. Between the miles of trails, sidewalks and plenty of parks there's always a new route awaiting me. 

Tonight on my run it was mostly trails. Dodging in and out of the woods through open spaces and back into the forest. It's a connection with nature unlike any other. The sounds of birds and frogs all around, and nothing but my footsteps breaking the sounds of nature. It's this absolute beauty that the local brands carried at My Closet Envy - MCE embody so well. From Ebon's use of the mountains and trees in their designs to Casual Industrees Stary Night.

Us Pacific Northwesterners know how to include nature in everything we do. From designing apparel to building new communities. It's what makes this place so amazing. It's what makes this place home. 

~Guy Maughan, Part of the MCE Fam

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