How do we find the locals?

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How do we find the locals?

We get asked this question often. Its the million dollar question that some think is our secret sauce. Is it what sets us apart from our competition? No way! What makes our process so special and unique in its nature is where they come from and how we decide to carry the brand.

In many cases its like playing Hide and Go Seek. For many local fashion start-ups they don't have the reach to be seen by us first. But what they don't have in reach, they make up for in style and uniqueness. So ya, sometimes brands come to us and ask if we will carry them. Some of our most successful local brands put their feet to the pavement and now they have that reach. Ebon Clothing and Seatown Sole are two local companies that approached us. We have now been partnered with them for 4.5 years and 2 years respectively. 

But what makes us so unique is that we dont have to have leave the Pacific Northwest to place orders or see our reps. You see our competition travels to these big trade shows in Las Vegas and California, where they buy from multimillion dollar conglomerate brands. Wine and dined by the corporate big whigs, and skipping over the local guys. We do the opposite. We search Etsy, Pinterest, and local Crafts and Holidays shows looking for those stand out brands. The ones that embody the Pacific Northwest and what we stand for. 

Its what makes us the Pacific Northwest Apparel Store. Shop the locals.

If you have an Apparel Brand that you think fits the criteria, Lets us know! You can email us at! Who knows maybe your the next success story.

~ Guy Maughan, Part of the MCE Fam

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