Together Again!

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Together Again!

This holiday season the MCE Family is back together again as one unit. As many of you may know Michael is following his passions for apparel design down in Los Angeles at FIDM. The last time we were all together as a family was in August before he took off. While the almost daily Facetime calls are great, the group text keeps us all “in the know” nothing beats having your family all in one place.

Well today was the day he finally came home! MICHAEL IS HOME! Fresh off the plane welcomed by none other than the Pacific Northwest’s treasured weather pattern of rain and we are all back together. You could tell by the radiance from everyone that the family unit was alive and thriving. The pestering was back, the jokes were flying, and the good ‘ole days had returned. Let me tell you the sass is real with this one, and it was greatly missed. No one can replace the quick witted comebacks Michael is able to dish out.

Straight from the airport we headed to our family Christmas party. Our cousins have been working on their dream home in the hills above Maple Valley for awhile and this is the first time we were able to go up and see the finished product. It is gorgeous! 6 miles up what could be described as nothing more than a logging road, and you come to this beautiful home nestled in the woods. As the family piled in from around the Puget Sound, the laughs and joy was in the air. Everyone was smiling and catching up. The young ones were running around playing their little hearts out. The saying spread holiday cheer loud for all to hear, was all to relevant tonight. There were Snapchat takeovers, Seahawks excitement, home tours, gift giving, and so much more going on. It was so much to take in.

These next two weeks will be jam packed! We have Enchant at SafeCo Field, Christmas Day, Snowflake Lane, and so much more coming up! Even a surprise birthday for a cousin we have not seen in years! Be sure to follow along as we continue to open the doors of life with the MCE Family! Don’t forget My Closet Envy - MCE Bonney Lake, is closing its doors for the last time on December 29th! Stop in and say hi one last time before we leave!

Leave us a comment below on what your favorite holiday tradition is with your family! We would love to hear what you guys do!

Much love from our family to yours,

Guy Maughan, Part of the MCE Family


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