One Last Holiday Season with MCE

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One Last Holiday Season with MCE

         The clock is ticking, and we are in the midst of our last Holiday Season with the Bonney Lake store. Yup, you read that correctly! If you did not already know, Holly and I made the decision that what we love most about the Pacific Northwest, is not just working with the local apparel companies but also getting out and exploring it. Taking the family up for a hike along the trails of the Cascades. Day tripping to the coast to breath the sweet salty air of the Pacific Ocean. And taking the annual trip to Leavenworth for the Tree Lighting. What we enjoy most about the Pacific Northwest is being able to enjoy it with you and our family. 

MCE Apparel - Achieve Balance Tee        Over the years though, we began to realize that even though sales were good we were not able to staff the store enough to be able to take those trips. To go explore and adventure. So about a year and a half ago we embarked on a plan to move sales from the store in Bonney Lake, to our Pop-Up Stores at markets, festivals and bazaars in addition to our website, We doubled down on MCE Apparel and grew the line even further.

         What we didn’t expect was for MCE Apparel to rocket to being our #1 selling brand in just a month and half. You guys are loving it and we are pumping out new designs just as quickly as we are selling out of them! We didn’t expect for our Pop-Up Stores to be a competing force with store sales within 6 months of launching them. With every twist and turn there was an exciting new revelation that made this decision a little less difficult to make.

MCE Apparel - WA Hustle Tee        The Holidays have always been a time of joy, excitement, and happiness for us here at MCE. Being able to help you spread the love of the PNW through a new shirt, a wooden watch, or a collection of items. This Holiday season it has an extra special meaning to us. This Holiday season marks our 6th with you as part of our family, and while next holiday season we won't have our Bonney Lake Store, we will still be with you in a new, better form. One where when you get that 4AM urge to go shopping, you can. One where you can go and support a local community organization, and find your favorite PNW gear as well. One where no matter where you are, what you are wearing, or who you are with, you are just a couple taps away from

         This really isn’t a goodbye. Think of it more as a fresh hello. One where you welcome us into your homes and we welcome you into ours a little bit more. On this next adventure, we have plans to share what it is like to be part of the MCE Family. Whether that be through videos on YouTube, blog posts like this, or just getting to connect one on one with you at Pop-Up Stores. Who knows maybe we will run across you on the trails, see you lounging on the beach, or maybe, just maybe enjoying your favorite holiday tradition. 

         We are aiming to make this transition painless for you. Clothing shopping online can be a tough thing to do. We’ve heard from many of you, and the top reasons for not buying clothes online was:

  • Inconsistent Sizing
  • Cannot feel the garment
  • The Hassle of Shipping & Returns

         Well here is how we are addressing those concerns! EVERY order in the PNW (and soon Nationwide) will receive FREE shipping no matter how much you spend. We are listing all the sizing metrics for our garments on the product page so you can make the most informed decision. AND the returns process… we’ve thought long and hard about this. Returns can be a hassle and we want to make them easy. In every order there will be a FREE return label. If you get an item and it does not fit right or you don’t like the way it looks, ship it back to us within 30 days and we will issue you a refund! IT’S THAT EASY!

         They say ’tis the season! Well ‘tis the season of change at MCE, and we are embarking on a big one with you with us! 


From our family to yours,

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Years, and may you have a blessed Holiday Season!

Guy Maughan, Part of the MCE Family


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